Shade-Taking Made Simple


Frank J. Milnar DDS., AAACD


In this comprehensive review, you will learn why shade-taking is the most critical and difficult step in any successful dental restoration.

Course Description

You will be introduced to the science of color and learn why it is critical not only to understand the basic elements of color, but also the outside forces that can easily change the look of a color. You will explore the latest in shade-taking technology and gain insight into the world of digital shade-taking versus the naked eye. There will be an in-depth discussion about the challenges of shade-taking in the operatory as well as the differences between colorimeters, spectrophotometers and manual shade guides.  


  • Increase confidence in color selection by learning a logical shade selection methodology
  • Learn the basics of shade selection, demonstration of the Vita Classic, 3D Master and EasyShade digital shade selector
  • Understand the importance of detecting the correct Opacity and Translucency of tooth structure in order to create vitality in your restorations