Managing the oral environment for long lasting clinical results


Frank J. Milnar DDS., AAACD


The term Minimal Intervention (MI) is relatively new in dentistry and has been introduced to suggest that the profession should move away from its current approach to the treatment of dental caries. It is now widely accepted that caries is a chronic bacterial related disease and cannot be treated by surgical means alone. The modern approach to the management of caries relies on dentists taking the dual role of physician and surgeon.

Course Description

Technological innovations in recent years have provided dental professionals with a host of new tools to identify heal and restore caries lesions. It is well accepted that the longevity of restorations depends a great deal on the surrounding environment. The scope of this lecture will span from prevention to restoration, including tips on how to incorporate the MI philosophy into your current business structure.


This lecture will arm the clinicians with an update on cariology and dental materials to answer the following clinical questions:

  • How to preserve maximum tooth tissue through the use of therapeutic agents
  • How to create an oral environment most compatible to health that will add longevity to restorations
  • How can an aesthetic practice benefits from this patient centered approach of personalized care