Creating Natural Esthetics with Composite and Porcelain Restorations


Frank J. Milnar DDS., AAACD


This seminar is an educational tool designed to provide you with information and tips that will help you more quickly select products and develop the techniques required to construct direct composite restorations with the esthetic quality in demand by today’s patients expectations.

Course Description

Too many times, it seems dentistry is guilty of “shooting from the hip with little consideration for the consequences. Newer porcelain and composite materials available can be carefully integrated into the patients goals and expectations, in order to execute a treatment plan with maximum results. The goal of this seminar is learn how to create consistent esthetic results for partial and full coverage composite or porcelain anterior restorations.

A systematic and logical approach for the proper case selection, smile design concepts, shade selection, tooth preparation, provisionalization, laboratory communication, insertion and finishing procedures will be discussed. The knowledge gained will help the participants develop a greater desire and excitement when performing these treatment procedures and exceed the patients expectations.

This all day seminar consists of two didactics; Porcelain concepts in the morning segment and Composite essentials in the afternoon.


  • Learn the essential principles of smile design that can result in improved case
  • Presentation and acceptance
  • Increase confidence in color selection by learning a logical selection methodology
  • Understand the composite layering techniques required to produce natural esthetics
  • Become knowledgeable about the essentials of tooth preparation and placement of porcelain veneers and crowns
  • Understand the fundamentals of laboratory communication in order to achieve excellent esthetics in your anterior all ceramic restorations.
  • Gain confidence in treating difficult Class IV, Diastema, and Composite Veneer restorations