Top Dentist Hall of Fame

Top Dentists Hall of Fame

Dr. Milnar has been voted into the Top Dentists Hall of Fame for 2013!

• Surveys sent to all registered dentists in the 7 County Metro area as well as 1,500 hygienists.
• Verification of the results by a panel of industry experts.


Case Studies

The Art of A Beautiful Smile

You can review some examples of our cosmetic work in the new Smile Gallery.

Education in Practice

Education in Practice

Dr. Milnar recently presented at the National Scientific Dental Congress in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Minimally Invasive Dentistry

A Minimally Invasive Philosophy

With the development of new dental restorative materials and advances in adhesive dentistry, Dr. Milnar strives for the best possible care with a better understanding of early detection, nonsurgical interventions, and a modified surgical approach for your dental needs.

The goal is preservation of natural tooth structure.

Teaching in the Military

Dr. Milnar has been invited to teach at numerous United States Armed Forces bases both nationally and internationally.

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